Preserved Canadian (or ex-Canadian) Voodoo

Canada purchased F-101s in two batches. The Royal Canadian Air Force purchased 56 F-101B and 10 F-101F aircraft from the United States in 1961. The surviving first batch CF-101s were exchanged in 1970 – 72 for 56 lower time USAF F-101B and 10 F-101F aircraft. These second batch aircraft served as front line interceptors for the Canadian Armed Forces until the end of 1984. Additionally, one further F-101 (a unique electronic warfare conversion) was leased to Canada from 1982 to 1987. Canadian Voodoo operations finally concluded in April 1987. Click here for more information on the history of the Voodoo in Canada .

The objective of this page is to list any Voodoo that served in Canada that still exists in some substantial form. Additional information, updates, photographs, comments and anecdotes about Canadian Voodoos would be welcome.

'First Batch' Canadian Voodoos (1961 - 1972)

RCAF SerialUSAF SerialModelStatusPhotoLocation
1740059-0400CF-101FUnder restoration at Valiant Air Command Museum, Titusville, Florida as 59-0400 (October 2023)17400
1740759-0407CF-101FOn display in Proctor, Minnesota as 59-0407 (October 2023).17407
1747159-0471CF-101BUnder restoration at Historical Aircraft Memorial Museum, Tyler, Texas as 59-0471 (October 2023). Previously at Pate Museum of Transportation, moved 2011.17471
1748359-0483CF-101BOn display at Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Reno, Nevada as RF-101B 59-0483 (November 2023). Last F-101 built. Only surviving RF-101B.17483

'Second Batch' Canadian Voodoos (1970 - 1984)

CAF SerialUSAF SerialModelStatusPhotoLocation
10100256-260CF-101FOn display at Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, Ontario as 101002 (September 2023)101002
10100356-262CF-101FOn display at Labrador Military Museum, 5 Wing Goose Bay, Labrador as 101003 (October 2023).101003
10100656-324CF-101FUnder restoration at Jet Aircraft Museum, London, Ontario (September 2023). Previously at former CFB Cornwallis, moved November 2013. Made final flight by an F-101, April 1987.101006
10100857-268CF-101FOn display at Air Force Heritage Park, 17 Wing Winnipeg, Manitoba as 101008 (October 2023).101008
10101157-289CF-101BOn display at Base Borden Military Museum, 16 Wing Borden, Ontario as 101011 (October 2023)101011
10101557-299CF-101BOn display at Parc de la Paix, Levis, Quebec as 101015 (October 2023).101015
10102157-321CF-101BOn display at The Hangar Flight Museum, Calgary, Alberta as 101021 (September 2023).101021
10102257-322CF-101BOn display at McChord Air Museum, McChord AFB, Washington as 101022 (September 2023).101022
10102557-430CF-101BOn display at Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa, Ontario as 101025 (October 2023).101025
10102757-341CF-101BOn display at Musée De La Défense Aérienne, 3 Wing Bagotville, Quebec as 101027 (August 2023).101027
10102857-346CF-101BOn display in Hillsborough, New Brunswick as 101028 (October 2023).101028
10103057-354CF-101BOn display at Comox Air Force Museum, 19 Wing Comox, British Columbia as 101030 (October 2023).101030
10103257-359CF-101BAt Air Force Museum of Alberta as RCAF 17425 (September 2023). On loan from Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton.101032
10103357-360CF-101BPrivately owned, partially disassembled, Uxbridge, Ontario as 101033 (October 2023).101033
10103457-362CF-101BOn display at Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba as 101034 (October 2023).101034
10103557-363CF-101BOn display at Abbotsford airport, British Columbia as 101035 (October 2023).101035
10103757-366CF-101BOn display at Slemon Park (former CFB Summerside), Prince Edward Island as 101037 (September 2023).101037
10103857-368CF-101BOn display at Reynolds Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta as 101038 (September 2023). Painted as "Lynx One Canada" to match 101043.101038
10104057-373CF-101BOn display at National Air Force Museum of Canada, 8 Wing Trenton, Ontario as 101040 (October 2023).101040
10104157-374CF-101BOn display at Bangor ANG Base, Bangor, Maine as 57-377 (October 2023).101041
10104257-375CF-101BDerelict as range target at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick as 101042 (October 2023).101042
10104357-380CF-101BOn display at Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum, Halifax, Nova Scotia as 101043 "Lynx One Canada" (October 2023).101043
10104457-381CF-101BOn display at Peterson Air and Space Museum, Peterson AFB, Colorado as 101044 (October 2023).101044
10104557-382CF-101BOn display at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, Hamilton, Ontario as 101045 (October 2023). Previously on display at CFB Ottawa, moved 2004.101045
10104657-384CF-101BIn storage at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick as 101046, for eventual display at New Brunswick Military History Museum.  (October 2023)  Previously at CFB Trenton, Ontario, moved 2011.101046
10104757-388CF-101BPrivately owned (cockpit only), Uxbridge, Ontario as 101047 (October 2023).101047
10105157-398CF-101BOn display at Thetford Mines airport, Thetford Mines, Quebec as 101051 (September 2023). Previously on display elsewhere in Thetford Mines, moved spring 2009.101051
10105357-418CF-101BOn display at Miramichi Airport (former CFB Chatham), New Brunswick as 101053 (October 2023).101053
10105457-420CF-101BOn display at Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence, 22 Wing North Bay, Ontario as EF-101B 101067 (September 2023).101054
10105657-426CF-101BOn display at 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta as 101056 (September 2023).101056
10105757-429CF-101BGate guardian at 19 Wing Comox, British Columbia as 101057 "Hawk One Canada" (October 2023).101057
10106057-433CF-101BOn display at Alberta Aviation Museum, Edmonton, Alberta as 101060 (September 2023)101060
10106357-442CF-101BIn storage at 12 Wing Shearwater, Nova Scotia as 101063 (October 2023). Owned by Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence, Owned by Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence, 22 Wing North Bay, Ontario101063
10106557-444CF-101BOn display at North Atlantic Aviation Museum, Gander, Newfoundland as 101065 (January 2019).101065
1010????????An unknown Voodoo is visible at CFB Suffield, Alberta (August 2023). Further details about the identity of this aircraft would be welcome.1010??

The 'Electric Voodoo' (1982 - 1987)

CAF SerialUSAF SerialModelStatusPhotoLocation
10106758-0300EF-101BOn display at Minnesota ANG Museum, Minneapolis - St. Paul, Minnesota as 58-0300 (October 2023).101067

Other revisions

  • Voodoos USAF 59-0438/RCAF 17438 and USAF 59-0478/RCAF 17478, formerly on display in Panama City, Florida, were dumped in the Gulf of Mexico in 2014 as the basis for artificial reefs.
  • The cockpit of Voodoo 59-0455/RCAF 17455 was under restoration in Bavaria, Germany. It was subsequently moved to Switzerland in 2010. Its ultimate fate is unknown.
  • Voodoos CAF 101014, 101048, 101050 and 101059, formerly derelict at CFB Bagotville, were scrapped in 2018.
  • Voodoo CAF 101052, formerly at the Canadian Museum of Flight, Langley, British Columbia, is believed to have been scrapped about 1998.
  • A Voodoo marked “57-0332”, formerly on display at Tyndall AFB, Florida and presumed to be CAF 101024 was actually USAF 58-0332. This aircraft is now at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, McMinville, Oregon. The genuine CAF 101024 was apparently scrapped in the Ottawa area in 1993.

Additionally, some other CF-101s may still be extant as hulks or range targets. Any information would be appreciated.

Many thanks to Jeff Rankin-Lowe, Andy Marden, Jerry Vernon, the CF-101 Voodoo Fans group on Facebook, Warbird Information Exchange, and numerous other contributors for much of the information and updates on this list.

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