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Turboprop Engine

A Turboprop Engine is a turbine designed engine that drives an airplane propeller or in the case for helicopters a Turboshaft Engine. The turboprop design consists of an intake duct / propeller / propeller reduction gearbox / compressor / combustor(s) / turbine stage(s) to drive the compressor / power stage(s) / exhaust nozzle.

The exhaust nozzle exit gases are not sufficient to provide enough direct thrust, since almost all of the engine’s power is needed to drive the propeller.

In the following Gallery, you will see images of the Super King Airplane equipped with twin turboprop engines. This design developed from an original piston-engine airplane from Beechcraft Corp. In the 1960s, Pratt & Whitney Canada (PWC) re-equipped this airframe with their PT6 Turboprop and Beechcraft was so impressed with such an amazing performance increase, that they put the King Air series in production with the “new” engine which remains to this day. [ More ]

Utility Aircraft

A Utility Aircraft is defined as an Airplane or Helicopter that is used for general purpose tasks, such as transporting people or cargo / flight training / photography / aerial dusting and seeding / utility patrols/ military / police and many other uses. They are usually able to transport nine persons or less with a maximum takeoff weight of 12,500 lbs. In certain applications they are used for aerobatic training and operations.