Avro Canada CF-100 and Canadian Voodoos

Preserved Avro CF-100 Canuck

The Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck was a twin turbine engined interceptor aircraft built for service with the Royal Canadian Air Force in the early Fifties.  After two Rolls-Royce Avon engined Mark 1 prototypes, all of the production Canucks were powered by various models of the Orenda turbojet engine.  Production consisted of 5 pre-production CF-100 Mark 2 aircraft, 74 machine gun armed CF-100 Mark 3 aircraft, 280 CF-100 Mark 4 aircraft armed with both machine guns and rocket pods, and 331 CF-100 Mark 5 aircraft armed only with rocket pods.

CF-100s entered RCAF service in 1953, and with the Belgian Air Force from 1957 to 1964.  The RCAF CF-100 interceptor fleet was retired in 1962, but some aircraft were converted into electronic warfare aircraft and continued to serve with the Canadian Armed Forces until the last operating aircraft were retired in 1981.  For more information about the history of the Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck, see here

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Preserved Canadian (or ex-Canadian) Voodoo

Canada purchased F-101s in two batches. The Royal Canadian Air Force purchased 56 F-101B and 10 F-101F aircraft from the United States in 1961. The surviving first batch CF-101s were exchanged in 1970 – 72 for 56 lower time USAF F-101B and 10 F-101F aircraft. These second batch aircraft served as front line interceptors for the Canadian Armed Forces until the end of 1984. Additionally, one further F-101 (a unique electronic warfare conversion) was leased to Canada from 1982 to 1987. Canadian Voodoo operations finally concluded in April 1987. Click here for more information on the history of the Voodoo in Canada .

The objective of this page is to list any Voodoo that served in Canada that still exists in some substantial form. Additional information, updates, photographs, comments and anecdotes about Canadian Voodoos would be welcome.

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