This book is definitely not another rehash of old Avro Arrow material! It covers the entire history of Avro Canada, includes much about Avro in Britain and about advanced aviation progress in the United States. Its sub-plots involve the aerospace race of the 20th century set in global political aspects. The reader will discover the exciting advances in aviation over the last century and be able to assess the impact of the Avro story as a result. Statistical comparisons of Avro’s products to the benchmark products of the American competition provide the most shocking evidence of how advanced the Avro actually was.

Examines the C-102, CF-100 and the CF-105 Arrow interceptor through exceptionally detailed technical and aerodynamic discussions, and the political and economic factors at work in the demise of the Arrow. Most particularly the author focuses on the staggering front-line achievements of the A.V. Roe Company, later Avro Canada Ltd. His own stunning artwork illustrates the book.

Paperback, 272 pages
Published April 28th 2001 by Vanwell (first published April 2001)
ISBN1551250829 (ISBN13: 9781551250823)